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Lunch Menu

Please note, some items may be seasonal and not available when you visit. If you’re looking for your favorite dish, be sure to call ahead.

$19.95 + tax & svcs

Choice of one (1)

Soup of the Day or Garden Salad

Choice of one (1)

  1. ½ lb. Black Angus Burger
  2. Rib Eye Steak Sandwich w/ Cheese Onion Peppers Melted Mozzarella
  3. Chicken Parmiggiano
  4. Eggplant Parmiggiano
  5. Chicken Milanese w Arugula Tomato
  6. Sweet Italian Sausage Broccoli di Rabe Drizzled W Balsamic Vinaigrette
  7. Home Made Mozzarella Prosciutto
  8. Pulled Pork Mexicana w Onions Peppers Peppers Arugula Tomato Mexican Cheese
  9. Meat Ball Napolitano w Mozzarella Cheese
  10. Pizza Dello Chef Prosciutto Arugula Shaved Parmiggiana
  11. Paccheri e Gamberi Alla Diavolo Special Pasta w Shrimp & Spicy Sauce
  12. Spaghetti Carbonara Italian Bacon Onions Cream Egg Yolk
  13. Penne Vodka Pink Sauce
  14. Rigatoni Al Pomodoro Fresh Tomato Basil
  15. Cannelloni Di Ricotta Homemade Manicotti Ricotta Cheese Tomato Sauce 16. Corvina Francese White Fish in Lemon Sauce over
  16. Polla All Brace Grilled Chicken over your Favorite Salad 18. Costaletta Di Maiale Pork Chop w Onions Mushroom

Dessert of the Day

“Tasty food, set inside a quaint hotel.”

The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth for ever. Thanks for making the evening an unforgettable one.
Sandra Files